Disclosure made according to the requirements of the Law of May 2, 2007

  • PressRelease
  • Mortsel (Belgium)
  • August 19, 2011 05:45

The enclosed information constitutes regulated information as defined in the Royal Decree of November 14, 2007 regarding the duties of issuers of financial instruments which have been admitted for trading on a regulated market.

According to Agfa-Gevaert NV's bylaws, the threshold as from which a shareholding needs to be disclosed, has been set at 3%.

In conformity with the Law of May 2, 2007 regarding the disclosure of important shareholdings in listed companies, Agfa-Gevaert (Euronext: AGFB) discloses the following declaration of the situation as per August 9, 2011:

BlackRock Inc has disclosed that the total of its direct and indirect participation in Agfa-Gevaert has dropped below the lowest threshold of 3% and was 2.98% on August 9, 2011. BlackRock Inc has no direct participation in Agfa-Gevaert and an indirect participation of 5,121,515 shares or 2.98% in Agfa-Gevaert through its fully-owned subsidiaries:

(i) BlackRock Asset Management Australia Ltd (41,135 shares or 0.02%), (ii) BlackRock Asset Management Japan Ltd (185,944 shares or 0.11%), (iii) BlackRock Advisors (UK) Ltd (974,846 shares or 0.57%), (iv) BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, N.A. (3,480,151 shares or 2.03%), (v) BlackRock Fund Advisors (266,691 shares or 0.16%), (vi) BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. (23,476 shares or 0.01%), (vii) BlackRock Investment Management, LLC (124,026 shares or 0.07%), en (viii) BlackRock International Ltd (25,246 shares or 0.01%).

Notifications of important shareholdings to be made according to the Law of
May 2, 2007 or Agfa-Gevaert NV's bylaws, should be sent to viviane.dictus@agfa.com

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